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    Garden of Hope

    Welcome to the Garden of Hope - a collection filled with confidence and anticipation!

    Cherry Blossom Lane

    Pion Design is taking you on a trip with the new collection Cherry Blossom Lane. This collection captures the essence of the countryside, with its cobbled streets and sleepy villages, and it will make the perfect starting point for endless crafting projects this season. Brimming with timeless patterns and images, this collection will allow you to turn precious moments into everlasting memories. Join us for a walk along Cherry Blossom Lane! 

    Pion Design Palette

    Pion Design never settles with anything but perfection, and when we heard that customers were looking to find solid basics to match our patterned papers we decided to design and print our own, using the unique Pion Design color palette. The result is the collection Pion Design Palette, a wide selection of subtle colored premium papers that make a beautiful foundation for every crafting project and go together with our patterned papers perfectly.

    The papers in this collection are of a heavier weight than our patterned papers and can be used for altered projects or to add layers and dimensions to cards and layouts. With Pion Design Palette you will find it easier to craft your own story!

    A Woodland Christmas Tale

    Pion Design invites you to a winter woodland where you can immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery surrounding the home of Santa’s helpers and all their animal friends!